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Knowledge is power; and old saying still relevant today and is one of the reasons why we collect more and more  data. With all that data we can control, manage and influence (or manipulate) our environment through systems and technology. An important question here is, which software is the best to help controlling, managing and/or influencing the energy flows, collect the necessary data and store it, either in the cloud or on the server?

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Which software has the right protocols, is user friendly, has enough security levels and is affordable at the same time? Also is can different software systems integrate for more efficiency?

Should we work cloud-based or is it best to store data locally on a server?

Unfortunately there is no ‘one-answer-fits-all’ nor is there an easy answer.


Each situation is considered unique and therefore each solution is tailor-made. This is different for large-scale projects off course, however, these projects are usually unique by themselves.


Obviously similar questions count for renewable energy technology, because which technology would work best and most efficient for your renewable energy situation? How innovative is the current technology and is it adaptable with what is yet to come?

So many options brings so many questions. Here is where WMMC can help you with making the right decision. We research, analyse and advise based on the outcome of our research.


WMMC works always independent, sustainable and most cost-efficient in every way possible.

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