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At Clean Energy 4 Africa, we strive to publish high quality content on all aspects of renewable energy.

Clean Energy 4 Africa is an award-winning African think-tank and a knowledge platform

that aims to accelerate the sustainable energy transition in Africa.


WMMC Consultancy LLC CEO, Mr. Robert W. Cats is Member of the CE4A Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board supports CE4A with projects, best practices and other initiaves

to build a sustainable future for the Africa continent and each inidvidual country . 

Clean erngy is the only solution to build a sustainable future for the next generations.

The worldwide population is growing every day and each and every conitnent and country

has developed its own world, however we only have one planet.

This is why we need to create more awareness about the necessary actions to take

to protecting the planet and improve the ecological circumstances as soon as possible. 

This can be achieved this through education, workshops and masterclasses.

CE4A, in the person of Dr. Mohamed Alhaj, founder and director, has clearly taken the responsibility

to contribute to this important task through training and mentorship programs and consultancy.

For more information, sponsorship or investment in different intiatives please

contact us via 

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